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Welcome to the Web site of the Online Dialogue on the California Master Plan for Education.

June 3 - June 14, 2002

The Dialogue is now finished. The dialogue was designed to increase public participation in development of the state's first Master Plan for Education - Kindergarten through University. An evaluation report is now available.

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Members of the Joint Legislative Committee that is creating the Master Plan, subject experts, other policy makers and a broad cross-section of individuals were able to share their thoughts and ideas on this important topic.
"The point of engaging the public in dialogue is that by adding the value-rich perspectives of the public to the information-rich perspectives of the expert, we can create wiser policies."  Daniel Yankelovich

Information Renaissance's dialogue presented an opportunity and a challenge to the policy makers and the citizens of California. The goal has been to take a long view, think beyond individual interests, understand other perspectives and define key issues.

This was a Web-based discussion in which people could participate at their convenience and their desired level of involvement. You may review the Discussion Agenda, make use of resources in the Briefing Book and read material in the discussion archive. Welcome!

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