California Education Dialogue

A public policy dialogue produced by Information Renaissance
with support from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation,
IBM Corporation and Intel Corporation



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Online Dialogue in a Political Context:
The California Master Plan for Education

A detailed evaluation of the CAMP dialogue is available for downloading in PDF format. You can download one large file or look at individual sections. If you have comments on the report, please send them to Information Renaissance staff.

Section Pages
Entire report (653 KB) 1-98
Cover 1
Acknowledgements 2
Table of Contents 3-4
Executive Summary 5-10
Introduction 11-12
Chapter I. Background 13-14
Chapter II. Goals and Methodology 15-23
Chapter III. Information Renaissance model for online dialogue 24-28
Chapter IV. Participants in the dialogue 29-39
Chapter V. An evaluation of the dialogue 40-65
Chapter VI. Issues 66-82
Chapter VII. Conclusions and recommendations 83-87
Appendix A. Registration form and evaluation questionnaire 88-98