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Reference Materials for the Dialogue

Federal and State Agency Web Sites

Assessments of Governmental Web Sites as Resources for Citizens and Local Stakeholders

EPA's Public Participation Policies

  • EPA's Concerned Citizens Web page. Various EPA program and regional offices also maintain Concerned Citizens Web pages. Hot links to these pages are located at the bottom of this page.

EPA's Stakeholder Involvement Web page

Environmental Library Resources

Digtal Divide and Internet Usage Issues

Library and Research Center Fact Sheets provided by the American Library Association.

  • The E-Rate. Gives an overview of E-rate legislation, its implementation in the FCC, and how it benefits schools and libraries. November 1998.

State Library Resources
  • State Library Agency Web Sites. U. S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science.
  • Statement of Thomas W. Sloan Director, Delaware Division of Libraries-State Library. Sloan's statement made on behalf of the American Library Association before the House Subcommittee on Health and Environment on H.R. 1790, the Chemical Safety Information and Site Security Act of 1999. May 1999.

Other Library Related Materials

  • Library Advocacy Trainings Available.This website provides a information on three advocacy training programs to help libraries educate their communities about the Internet and related issues, including children's access, intellectual freedom and the use of filters. Sponsored by the American Library Association. April 2000.

  • Libraries Build Sustainable Communities introduces the concept of sustainable community development as a process for making choices about the future, and suggests activities to guide communities and libraries toward becoming sustainable. The project is a partnership between the American Library Association and Global Learning Inc. whose web site contains a summary of the report.

  • Report on the Assessment of Electronic Government Information Products, for the U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science, March 1999. The report assesses electronic medium and format standards for the creation and dissemination of electronic information products through the Federal Depository Library Program.

Other Topics

  • Electronic Freedom of Information Act. June 14, 2000. Hearing before House Committee on Government Reform on the Agency Response to the Electronic Freedom of Information Act.

    • Opening Statement of Subcommittee Chairman Stephen Horn.

    • Statement of Joshua Gotbaum , Executive Associate Director and Controller, Office of Management and Budget .

    • Statement of Patrice McDermott, Ph.D., Policy Analyst, OMB Watch.

    • Statement of Ian Marquand, National Freedom of Information Committee Chair, the Society of Professional Journalists.

Other Environmental Materials

  • National Report Card on Environmental Attitudes Knowledge and Behavior. Presents the results of survey research conducted to better understand what Americans know about the environment and how that knowledge relates to their attitudes and daily actions. The national survey is conducted by The National Environmental Education and Training Foundation (NEETF). Reports from 1997,1998 and 1999 surveys are included.

  • Resources for Economic Viability in Sustainable Agriculture. This resource provides nearly 200 linked and annotated resources on the topic including federal and NY State resource, educational institutions, not-for-profit organizations, electronic discussions, commercial sites with useful agriculture information and generalized tools for small business. July 2000.

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