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Welcome to the National Dialogue on Social Security. From April 19 through June 4, 1999, Information Renaissance in collaboration with Americans Discuss Social Security hosted a non-partisan electronic discussion and debate on Social Security reform. Using the power of the Internet, thousands of Americans participated in a national discussion with policy makers, experts and each other. You are invited to browse the archives of this event which are maintained on this Website. If you have not already done so, please fill out the surveys which summarize the topics covered in the National Dialogue.

National Dialogue on Social Security Final Report
Statement and Greeting from Commissioner Apfel
Getting Started Rules of the Road
General Discussion Archive
Why Reform Now? Archive
Options for Reform Archive
Investing in Stocks Archive
Women and Minorities Archive
Current Legislative Proposals Archive
Quick Questions Information on Social Security reform.

The National Dialogue on Social Security is part of the Network Democracy program of Information Renaissance, which seeks to expand opportunities for public participation in government through the use of the Internet.

The four divisions of the National Dialogue's Website provide different options for participation. Each page on the site includes navigation icons to the topic areas described below. Select any of the major headings to begin exploring this subject, and join the National Dialogue on Social Security Reform.

Project Information
General information on the National Dialogue on Social Security. Press releases. Participating organizations. Navigation of the Web site. Instructions on how to participate. Searches of the project site.
National Dialogue Descriptions of the Forums and Roundtables. Information on the panelists. Background papers for the weekly discussions. Archives of the online discussions.
Fast Facts Ask Quick Questions of experts in the Social Security Roundtables. Find answers to frequently asked questions.
Briefing Book Review background material on the Social Security system and arguments for its reform. Study a set of options for reform. View current proposals for reform. Find resources from the Social Security Administration. See what national organizations said at the White House Conference on Social Security.
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