Welcome to the Pittsburgh Wireless Neighborhoods Cooperative. The Coop has been formed to provide advanced network services to traditionally underserved communities. Coop members can gain access to advanced network infrastructure, resources and expertise.

As you can learn from this Web site, the Coop's services involve some of the newest developments in network electronics, enabling the provision of high-bandwidth service over copper, fiber optic or wireless connections. The Coop is installing this type of infrastructure for use by its members. These organizations, in turn, are working cooperatively to produce network resources and services that can be shared with others.

You are invited to take part in this activity. If your organization is within sight of the WQED transmission tower - that red and white goal-post shaped tower that rises 400 feet above a hill behind the University of Pittsburgh main campus - you may be eligible for connection to the Coop's initial high-bandwidth network backbone.

If your organization is elsewhere in the Pittsburgh region, you can help us plan extensions of the initial network backbone to reach your facility. The system architecture is such that any site connected to the backbone can be used as a secondary hub for connection to other sites. So if you can see a building currently connected to the backbone, it should be possible to connect your facility via that building. You can also begin right now to work on the resource component of the project by collaborating with current active members.

Even if you do not live in Western Pennsylvania, the Coop may be able to help you develop network connections in your area. We are eager to share our locally-developed expertise with groups having a similar interest and focus - and we would like to learn what you are doing. Please contact us.