Mini Smart Building Toolkit

A. Overview
B. Smart Building Services and Benefits
   1. What Services Should You Provide?
   2. What Are the Benefits?
C. Operations
   1. How to Install the Infrastructure.
   2. How to Keep Things Going.
   3. How to Provide Services.
D. Step By Step Approach.
   1. Roll out your floor plans.
   2. Find the wires and closets.
   3. Survey the tenants.
   4. Plan the wiring.
   5. Plan the electronics.
   6. Check out Internet suppliers.
   7. Purchase the hardware.
   8. Put in the infrastructure.
   9. Monitor your network.
   10. Support your users.
E. The Money Part
   1. Capital costs.
   2. Recurring costs.
   3. Funding the capital costs.
   4. Funding the recurring costs.
   5. Will the benefits exceed the costs?
F. Supporting Documents
   1. Sample wiring survey.
   2. Sample tenant surveys.
   3. Structured wiring.
   4. Network diagram.
   5. Performance measurements.
   6. Hardware.
   7. Equipment needs by building size.
   8. Examples of capital costs.
   9. Examples of recurring costs.
   10. Sample forms.
   11. Glossary.