PARTICIPANTS Participation in the workshop is open to all school districts in Southwestern Pennsylvania, including the following counties:
  • Allegheny
  • Armstrong
  • Beaver
  • Butler
  • Fayette
  • Greene
  • Indiana
  • Washington
  • Westmoreland
Each district is invited to send a team of 3-5 people,selected from among the following:
  • superintendent or deputy superintendent
  • school board members
  • technology and curriculum coordinators
  • teachers
  • librarians
  • principals

Panels of educators will discuss resources available to local collaborations.

LOCATION The Networking Readiness Workshop was held on June 30, 1997, from 9 AM to 5 PM at the Westinghouse Science and Technology Center, 1310 Beulah Road, Pittsburgh, PA.

  1. Learn where school districts are in current networking efforts
  2. Discuss elements of success for school networking
  3. Identify barriers to success found in local districts
  4. Provide information needed for network implementation
  5. Outline new funding opportunities
    • Link to Learn (Commonwealth of PA)
    • Universal Service subsidies (Telecommunications Act of 1996)
    • Other federal networking programs

AGENDA The workshop agenda included the following topics:
  • Where We Are
  • Elements of Success
  • Barriers to Success
  • Information Resources
  • New Federal and State Funding

REGISTRATION An online questionnaire (no longer active) was available to workshop participants to gather information on their school district's preparations for, and their own interest in networking activities and the June 30 workshop.

You can see individual questionnaires or synopses of the responses.

  • Workshop Coordinator: Bess Adams
  • Phone: 412-624-9257
  • FAX: 412-288-2405
  • E-mail:
  • URL:
  • Networking Resources

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