Welcome to the On-line Seminar:
Universal Service/Network Democracy

This site contains information and activities relating to Information Renaissance's Universal Service/Network Democracy on-line seminar. The seminar is an attempt to involve local teachers and librarians in the implementation process of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and, specifically, in the development of rules regarding the Act's new Universal Service provisions for schools and libraries.

The present page contains pointers to project information. If you consult this page on a regular basis, it should be easy for you to keep up with what is happening in the seminar, which will run from August 26 through September 27, 1996. After the conclusion of the seminar, this material will be kept on-line for ready reference, with updates to the on-line repository as new information becomes available.

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Primary funding for the on-line seminar has been provided by: with additional support from: Information Renaissance is grateful to these supporters for helping to make this unique activity available on the short timescale required by the FCC's implementation schedule.

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