Quotes From Dialogue Participants

  • Participatory and Educational

    "...makes public participation in the shaping of public policy possible on a scale that is otherwise unimaginable. As a member of the press, I found the dynamic flow of dialogue led to deeper insights than any report, study or url.... I found it far better than any 'face to face' conference, because the interactions consisted of more than listening to the sage on the stage, everyone could hear and be heard, and there is a record of the knowledge that we're constructing available to everyone, from anywhere at any time." Ferdi Serim, Editor, MultiMedia Schools

    "I came to appreciate what a powerful educational tool we have with the world-wide web and yet what a crucial role is played by those who manage information so that it is useful and accessible to target audiences." Carolyn Weaver, American Enterprise Institute

    "The number of public participants who wrote comments was much larger than I had anticipated and they expressed a wide variety of views, views that were reflective of the diversity in the general population." Robert Reischauer, Brookings Institute

  • Public and Policy Makers Interact

    "It is amazing! This may be my only opportunity to provide input into the federal rule making activity." Bill Cosh, Wisconsin School Board Association

    "A few public meetings or focus groups around the country could not produce the diversity of opinions and approaches that this event did. ... I can see many ways that this technique can be useful right now to EPA, other federal agencies, large associations, state agencies and in the near future, to all levels of government. This is a tool that can engage people in their government's planning and decision making, and encourage civic responsibility." Patricia Bonner, Director Customer Service, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    "The time and thought our congressional panelists gave during the two weeks was remarkable!" Ron Gebhartsbauer, American Academy of Actuaries

    "The National Dialogue offered the public a rare and unique opportunity to interact directly with policy makers and nationally-recognized experts... This kind of interaction is critical to enhancing knowledge (among both expert and public participants) and to promoting more civilized discourse on public policy." Carolyn Weaver, American Enterprise Institute

    "When elected officials hear the same message from enough people across the country they start listening and reacting. Web-based forums like those of Information Renaissance will help us get something done." Mark Sanford, U.S. Representative

    "Overall, this method of encouraging public debate on policy issues offers great promise for the future. For a relatively small investment of expert time and effort, a large number of citizens can become a real part of the policy debate. It is an educational experience for them and for the experts who get a chance to see how the public is viewing problems and interpreting facts and arguments." Robert Reischauer, Brookings Institute

  • Focus on Public Policy Issues

    "I look forward to working with you in the future to bring similar forums before the American people so that informed and constructive options on important public policy issues can be given the attention they deserve." Rick Santorum, U. S. Senator

    "The seminar is a great way for people to hold this important dialogue which has repercussions for every school and library in the country." Nanci Pass, Woodside Elementary School District, CA

    "When [the Internet] is used wisely, it can inform the public on a host of topics in which we should be engaged in order to produce policy that is really reflective of the public's views." Kilolo Kijakazi, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

    "This on-line seminar on Universal Service illustrates the potential - and the power - of access to the Information Superhighway. ... Thanks to this seminar, you understand the issues that we are debating as the Federal Communications Commission seeks to implement this important provision. ... Your voice can and should be heard." Jay Rockefeller, U. S. Senator

    "[Dialogue] summaries should be sent to every Member of Congress and especially all of the Staff of Congressional Environmental and Natural Resources Committees. The entire Cabinet should have an Executive Summary.... We are becoming a part of Environmental History!" Fred Stoss, SUNY University at Buffalo

  • Non-partisan, Organized, Informative

    "Your non-partisan electronic discussion and debate on Social Security has been instrumental in helping to educate the public and policy makers and to engage them in an open, honest debate." Rick Santorum, U. S. Senator

    "The format was well organized, Information Renaissance staff did a fine job of preparing panelists in advance, and the posting of questions from the public and responses by the panel was timely." Kilolo Kijakazi, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

    "The Info-Ren Internet-based dialogue gives people easy access to information that would be difficult to obtain otherwise. It puts ordinary people in touch with players in the political process they would otherwise hear about only through newspapers and TV." Ron Gebhartsbauer, American Academy of Actuaries

Rev. Dec 24 2018