Information Renaissance is committed to community networking and experienced in the design, development and management of community networking projects. We work to encourage the deployment of networking infrastructure to enable access to advanced telecommunications services, and develop programs to encourage the use of these services. Projects have ranged from the use of high-bandwidth telecommunications in a Smart Building to the use of such infrastructure for social purposes including an After School Program to teach students, parents and other residents to use the Internet; HealthNet extending health care services in communities via local site access points; and a Digital Resume Project to help youth find employment, using a Web site with streaming audio and video.

  • Background: Fundamental principles and guiding philosophy.
  • Projects: The Smart Building project provides low-cost high-speed shared Internet connectivity for non-profits housed in Pittsburgh's Regional Enterprise Tower, former headquarters of the Alcoa Corporation. The Wireless Neighborhoods project provides Pittsburgh community service organizations and businesses citywide with affordable, high-bandwidth access to the Internet and facilities for sharing networked materials locally. This structure evolved out of an earlier effort, known as the Pittsburgh I-Net, to provide dark fiber to community groups as part of the cable television franchise negotiations in Pittsburgh. Info Ren also monitors telecommunications issues at the state and national level and has offered testimony to regulatory authorities at both levels.
  • Resources: Proposals, business plans, public comments and testimony, and conference presentations.
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